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Monday, November 14, 2011

Mobile Learning

In the past several weeks, we have discussed e-books, open education, participatory learning, shared online video, and many more.  This week, we will discuss mobile learning and where we are headed with it.  In Seeds Of Empowerment, an amazing project brought on by Paul Kim of Stanford University.  They find ways to bring access to an education to those who cannot afford it.  If UNESCO's reports that 400 million people will never see a book in their lives is not motivation enough, then what is.  Seeds of Empowerment's mission is:

"The Seeds of Empowerment team intends to develop and implement projects that will 'plant seeds of hope and opportunity' for the underserved around the world. Our projects use cutting-edge technology to create self-sustaining business models that empower the powerless by improving their access to an education".  Below is a video detailing their Mobile Science Project:

Mobile learning is opening the doors to learn anywhere and at anytime.  Seeds of Empowerment is only one project that is taking off and helping provide those who do not have access to it a global solution.  Where is our contribution?

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  1. Mobile learning a powerful approach to making learning possible 'anywhere and anytime'. In today's mobile Internet era, in addition to conventional laptops, several technologically advanced devices including smart phones, iPads and e-readers are readily becoming available.
    One interesting thing to realize however, is that as the technology is helping to improve day-to-day life, the pace of daily activities is also increasing. For example today's students are more occupied and always "on a rush".
    Keeping this in mind, mobile learning seems to be a very promising tool that will allow students to learn "as much as" and "as often as" they desire!!